Seed & Field Services Ltd

Seed & Field Services (SFS) is a seed retailing and seed coating company specialising in the marketing of high quality vegetable seed and coated seed products.

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The combined experience of SFS staff is unsurpassed in the industry with them having over 100 years of vegetable seed and cropping experience.

SFS celebrated 24 years of business in 2021. SFS works in closely with key suppliers of seed worldwide to provide customers with the best varieties available to suit their intended end use. SFS routinely works in with growers to establish seasonal planting programs including anything from year round cauliflower or salad production to export onion varietal programs suited to the European or South East Asia markets.

Under our Seed Enhancements (SE) brand, we can provide customers with the latest and most innovative seed coating technology. SE provides seed pelleting, encrusting and filmcoating seed treatments, as well as having an onsite seed priming and disinfestation facility. SE has developed a number of innovative niche treatments to cater for different pest, disease, or fertility issues in the field. Please contact us for more information

Caliente Mustards

Caliente Mustards are bred specifically for biofumigation, they contain very high levels of the correct glucosinolates (there are many different types, and some do not produce lots of ITC), and high levels of the myrosinase enzyme, in addition they have the potential to grow into large plants producing high levels of biomass and therefore more green tissue to produce ITC when chopped.

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