Seed and Field Services (SFS) is a retail seed company specialising in the marketing of a high quality vegetable seed and coated seed products. The combined experience of SFS key staff is unsurpassed in the industry with Grant Wilson and Andrew Culley having over 60 years of vegetable seed and cropping experience between them.

SFS celebrated 10 years of business in 2008. SFS works in closely with key suppliers of seed worldwide to provide customers with the best varieties available to suit their intended end use. SFS routinely works in with growers to establish seasonal planting programs including anything from year round cauliflower or salad production to export onion varietal programs suited to the European or South East Asia markets.

Through sister company Seed Enhancements Limited (SE), SFS can provide customers with the latest and most innovative seed coating technology. For the first time in 2009, Primed (quickly germinating, uniform establishing) seed is available to the market.  This will be another Seed Enhancements first for New Zealand producers

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