Quality Control Services

Incoming seed

Incoming seed is sampled and examined on arrival. Germination tests will be carried out if time frame allows or if Seed Enhancements decides that it is necessary for a particular seed lot.

Quality guidelines

Before seed processing can proceed the following guidelines must be met:

  • Free from obvious spoilage/contamination
  • Seed cool & dry
  • No rodent or insect damage
  • No strong smell
  • Seed able to be identified by lot #, variety etc
  • Horticultural seed must have a minimum label germination of 85%
  • No non-standard chemical use

If seed does not meet any of these requirements then an “Authority to Process” form must be completed before processing can proceed.

Production monitoring

Separate quality control monitoring on production is implemented at various stages of all process operations. This constitutes a dedicated approach to consistent production standards.

Post production quality control & assurance

Each production batch is assessed at our facility or by contracted laboratories to internationally validated standards (ISTA). All production even if already returned to the customer will carry a full and comprehensive quality assessment to recognized standards, which will be retained for future use and is available upon request.