VarietyDescriptionRelative MaturityHarvest
Koros Excellent shoulder variety producing well domed heads with good weight and stem thickness. Heads are medium-green in colour and will mature evenly with good crown cut material and minimal trimming. 8-10 weeks Autumn
Kanga Best suited for late winter, early spring harvest being sure to mature. Open plant habit for minimal trimming but still carries good weight. 10-16 weeks Winter
Iron CMS Consistent variety producing heads with medium sized beads, dark green in colour. 9-11 weeks Late Spring
& Autumn
Fantastico High domed heads with good crown cut features. Very fine bead size with superb blue-green coloured, smooth heads. Holds up very well to bad weather conditions. 9-13 weeks Autumn

Larssen RZ

New introduction from Terranova seeds Larssen is a very adaptable variety that suits Autumn/Winter and Spring harvest in some regions. Larssen has very firm green heads with a fine bead and a strong robust plant and matures slightly later than Medley.

9 – 13 weeks      Autumn/Winter/Spring.

Raised head type broccoli from Seminis. Bred for the potential for machine harvesting. Titanium shows outstanding uniformity in the field. The heads sit higher in the plant, allowing for easier hand harvest and fewer branches to strip from the stem. The heads have a blue/green colouration with a medium-fine bead.

12 -14 weeks    Winter/Spring