VarietyDescriptionRelative MaturityHarvest
Koros Excellent shoulder variety producing well domed heads with good weight and stem thickness. Heads are medium-green in colour and will mature evenly with good crown cut material and minimal trimming. 8-10 weeks Autumn
Kolya Another shoulder variety producing well domed heads and works really well in mid to late Spring. Very uniform and easy to trim. 9-10 weeks Autumn
Kanga Best suited for late winter, early spring harvest being sure to mature. Open plant habit for minimal trimming but still carries good weight. 10-16 weeks Winter
Iron CMS Consistent variety producing heads with medium sized beads, dark green in colour. 9-11 weeks Late Spring
& Autumn
Fantastico High domed heads with good crown cut features. Very fine bead size with superb blue-green coloured, smooth heads. Holds up very well to bad weather conditions. 9-13 weeks Autumn
Thunderdome Tight, smooth, medium-green dome shaped heads well suited for crown cut. Vigorous and cold tolerant with a strong frame. 12-14 weeks Winter