variety DescriptionRelative maturityharvest
Hybrid 228 Very adaptable cabbage with good field holding properties and the ability to round off sooner making 228 a versatile cabbage. 2.5kg-3.5kg heads on average.      13-19wks Summer, Spring, Autumn    
Warrior Warrior produces large round heads 2.5-4.5kg and works well during late summer and throughout autumn 12-14wks Autumn
Lambada Lambada is a fast maturing, flat drumhead type cabbage with superb dark green colour. Its versatility is proven by its short core, good field holding and the potential to be grown all year round. 12-19wks All year round
Melissa Dark green heavy savoy cabbage. Very good colour and good head weight. 14-22wks All year round

Attractive dark green summer harvest cabbage from Clause Pacific. Heads are compact and dense reaching good weights (2.5 – 3.0kg) and hold well in the field. Suits harvest in the Franklin area from December to May.

12-14wks Summer, Autumn

Versatile Red cabbage variety that can be grown all year round. Superba particularly suits winter and spring production with good vigour to produce good size heads through this period. It has an attractive glossy leafy with deep red coloration. 

14-22wks Year Round