VarietyDescriptionRelative MaturityHarvest
Summerlove Market standard for summer production cauliflower. Strong wrapper leaves offer good protection to the well tucked and heavy curds. 12-13wks Summer
Highfield (CRR) Highfield is clubroot resistant variety and is very vital in areas that have bad clubroot problems. 12-14wks Summer
Overlord Good Autumn production cauliflower bridging the gap between summer and winter cauliflower with good frame structure and curd protection. 13-14wks Autumn
Naruto Good early winter cauliflower producing excellent curds with tight wrap. 15-16wks Winter
Escale Good cauliflower suited for Spring production. Producing high domed curds with good wrapper leaves. 17-18wks Spring
SV5965AC Vigorous cauliflower with upright frame. Curds have exceptional protection with a tight internal wrap for mid-winter production. 17-19wks Winter
SV5982AC Excellent winter cauliflower with high rates of first cuts and exceptional curd quality. Strong plant vigour produces all upright frames suiting mid-winter production. 16-19wks Winter
Galiote Mid-winter cauliflower with good quality curds. 17-18wks Winter
Graffiti Purple cauliflower with open plant habit. 9-13wks All year round