VarietyDescriptionResistances (HR)Harvest
Siberinas Very versatile suiting late Autumn and early spring harvest. Siberenas has an upright frame habit and good field tolerance to mildew and bacterial diseases. Its good plant vigour means it can be harvested well into the start of winter, and again coming out of winter into spring. Can also be considered as a winter harvest option for warmer areas. Bl: 16-23,25,31,32 Nr: 0 Pb Spring, Autumn
Winguard Hardy mid-winter iceberg lettuce that can be harvested from June through to August, Winguard shows good tolerance to frost and had been the market standard for a number of winter seasons.   Winter
Green Moon Large, upright, vigorous frame with dark-green color. Strong against tip-burn and bolting. Bl: 16-26,28,31-32 Nr:0 Summer