Onion (Brown)

Pendarves Pendarves is a new hybrid onion with improved skin quality in the Shinto slot. This variety has been trialled within the region for the past two season, with its most notable features being is it's early vigour and plant survivability. Medium Short/Intermediate
Ayoba A proven performer in the Franklin area. Ayoba provides a good option for a machine havestable early onion, with mid term storage.  Medium Short/Intermediate
Currawong Early maturing ELK type, similar to Ayoba. Currawong in trials has shown improved Downey Mildew resistance, good yield potential, excellent skins and good quality bulbs before Christmas. Medium Short/Intermediate
Kiwigold Early Longkeeper Type with slightly earlier maturity and excellent firmness. Long storage onion with excellent shipping potential. Uniform globe shape with very good skin quality. Kiwigold has been a very reliable performer over many years Medium Intermediate Day
Seminis May and Ryan Early Longkeeper The market standard for early to mid-season export onion production. Brown skinned, globe shaped onion with excellent bolting tolerance. Excellent shipper with 8 months storage potential. Long Intermediate Day
Applause Applause offers good yield and quality bulbs and has been a reliable performer for a number of seasons under a range of conditions. Very useful variety to seed in the crossover period time between ELK and PLK maturity varieties. Medium-Long Intermediate Day
Seminis May and Ryan Regular Longkeeper Bred in from the original Turbot Pukekohe strain from 1953. Industry standard, suits mid to late season export storage production with 8-9 months storage potential. The original Longkeeper onion. Very Long Intermediate Day
Frontier (T400) Frontier is high yielding onion producing bulbs globed in shape with a flat-shoulder. Thin necked and a high percentage of jumbos with strong pungency for good storage potential. Well suited for export and process production. Medium-Long Long Day

A true “first early” maturity brown onion. Eros has a flattened globe/grano shape with improved vigour and uniformity. Bulbs are quite firm for a first early variety and form a light skin on curing.

Short Short Day