Onion (Red)

Sweet Red Improved Very early maturing red onion with flat-globe shaped bulbs. Short Short Day
Malbec Malbec is an early red with improved shape and colour than Sweet Red. Bulb shape is a globe to flattened globe on larger bulbs and also offers some short term storage. Malbec matures slightly later than Sweet Red and offers growers an option to follow soon after their first early, with a red onion offering better quality. Short Short Day
Pinotage Pinotage is an early red hybrid that produces dark red globe shaped bulbs, with good early internal colouration. Pinotage has a very vigorous plant that has shown to perform in a range of soil types and conditions, and shows an ability to yield well, with bulbs sizing exponentially at maturity. Sound bulbs of Pinotage will also offer some short/medium term storage offering growers some flexibility. Short-Medium Intermediate Day
Cabernet Cabernet has shown through difficult summers very good plant vigour with strong tops and good plant health. The resultant crops were of good yields, even from later than ideal sowings, with uniform globe shape bulbs and an impressive dark red colour that stands out against many other standard red varieties. Cabernet offers medium term storage. Medium Intermediate Day
Red Emperor Red Emperor seems as robust as any other variety against typical onion pathogens. Bulbs are slightly flattened globes, and of consistent size and shape. The cosmetic appearance factor is high with tight scales of deep red colouration, matched by strong colouration of the internal rings. Medium Intermediate Day