VarietyDescriptionResistances (HR)Harvest
Donkey Semi-savoy summer spinach with nice round leaves. Used by many babyleaf producers. Pfs:1-11,13,15,16 Spring, Summer, Autumn
Kookaburra Semi-savoy spinach, slightly faster maturing than Donkey. Nice, upright stems for ease of harvest, especially during colder shoulder periods. Pfs:1-13,15 Spring, Summer, Autumn
SV3580VC Exceptionally dark green spinach with good vigour for the shoulder. Leaf is slightly smooth with good leaf. Very versatile allowing for a wide production window and can be used for both babyleaf and bunching markets. Pfs: 1-13,15,16 Spring, Summer, Autumn
SV2157VB Outstanding dark green, semi-savoy variety performing consistently well year after year. Highly uniform, heavy yielding and upright for ease of harvest. Superb field holding abilities, especially after periods of heavy rain. Market standard for babyleaf spinach. Pfs: 1-13,15,16 Spring, Summer, Autumn
SV2146VB Semi-savoy babyleaf spinach, with good heat tolerance during mid-summer. Dark green leaf and high yielding complementing SV2157VB with similar features. Pfs: 1-13,15,16 Spring, Summer, Autumn
Molokai Round, smooth leaf spinach for shoulder harvest. Upright habit allowing for easy harvest and is sure to perform. Very versatile and well-presented in spinach packs. Pfs: 1-13,15 Spring, Autumn
Platypus Semi-savoy oriental dark green spinach with good leaf thickness, yielding well. Holds its shape well during cool periods and has quite a robust leaf. Pfs:1-15 Autumn, Winter
SV6203VB Round, medium-green semi-savoy spinach with thick leaves resulting in high yields. Pfs: 1-13,15 Autumn, Winter
RS06683549 Dark green oriental spinach for winter production with high leaf count and yield at harvest. Pfs: 1-11,13,15 Winter
Auroch Vigorous, dark-green leaved oriental spinach with an upright growing habit. Suitable for baby-leaf production. Pfs: 1-12,14,16 Ir: 13 Winter