Sweet Corn

VarietyDescriptionResistances (HR)Harvest
Springfield Plus Early maturing, bi-colour sweet corn that can be used right through the season. Well filled cobs with tight husk wrap giving protection from birds. Nice short plant that is quick and easy to pick. Cobs are up to 18cm in length. Excellent eating. Ps: 0,1 MDMV Early, Main season
Cumberland Vigorous, early maturing, bi-colour sweet corn with good cob fill. Nice short plant with good attachment and good eating quality. Cobs can grow up to 18cm in length. Ps: 0 Early, Main season

Early season Bi Colour sweetcorn with rust resistance – approx. 4 – 5 days earlier than Springfield. Dark Green husks that give excellent cob protection, and very good flavour.

  Early, Main season